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Food_Sample_Making_Experience Gujo Hachiman is a castle town famous for the bon dance that called Gujo-odori. The town is situated on the way from Centrair to Takayama and Shirakawago. Now, their local industry is watched with interest. Why don't you take a side trip on the way?
Food_sample Food_sample Gujo Hachiman is the industrial center of food sample. Almost of the food samples of the restaurants in Japan are produced in this town. There you can see and buy food samples that look like real, and see the professional work in those factories. And also you can try making some food samples.

The estimated making time is 15-60 minutes and the budget is 600-3000 yen. About the making of food samples there are the cases which the reservation is necesary but you can look for your favorite factory, too. And also there is a tourist facility where there are souvenirs, restaurant and the factory of food sample for tourists.

Main facilities that provide the making experience of food sample
Sample Village Iwasaki  * The telephone reservation is necessary.
Sample_Village_Iwasaki The pioneer of food sample
Food sample menu:
Tenpura and lettuce, Sushi, Ramen, Tart, Parfait, Spaghetti, etc.
Price example:
3 pieces of Tenpura and lettuce:1,200yen / Petit Tart:880yen / Mini Parfait:1,150yen
* The menu will be limited in the weekends and crowded period.
Ryukyo no sato (Branch store of Sample Village Iwasaki)
Ryukyo_no_sato The "theme park of food" with restaurant, souvenir store and food samples
Food sample menu:
Tenpura and lettuce
Price example:
3 pieces of Tenpura and lettuce:1,200yen /
1 piece of Tenpura and lettuce:800yen
Sample Kobo  * The telephone reservation is necessary.
Sample_Kobo A tourist spot using a house called "MACHIYA" which was built in Edo Era (about 150 years ago).
Food sample menu:Icecream, Tenpura, Tart, Cake
Price example:
Cup Icecream 900yen / 3 pieces of Tenpura 1,200yen / Tart 900yen
Gujo Hachiman Castle
Gujo_Hachiman_Castle The Gujo Hachiman Castle was built as a fort originally in the 15 century but destroyed in the Meiji Era. The current castle was rebuilt in 1933 referring to Ogaki castle and now it is registered as an important cultural property of the town and a historical site of Gifu prefecture.
Gujo Hachiman Castle (Japanese)
Castel Town
Castle_town The old castle town of Gujo-Hachiman has received the designation of the country of important traditional buildings preservation district. In the town you can see many houses called "MACHIYA" that the people of Edo Era lived.Shokuninmachi and Kajiyamachi show the life of common people as artisans and merchants, Yanagimachi and Otemachi show the life of Samurai.
Gujo Odori
Gujo_Odori Gujo Odori is said that is one of three major folk music of Japan. All of 10 kinds of music and dance has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural heritage of the country. Those are danced for 33 nights in the Summer. Additionally in the climax, the people dances all night for 4 days. For the visitors of other period, Gujo odori has been presented with the demonstration and videos in the museum "Gujo Hakurankan".
Gujo Hakurankan Official Site (English)
Estimated Price
From Chubu Centrair International AirportNumber of passengers &
Approximate price per person*Rounded off
Approximate price per vehicle*
Non-stop trip to Takayama/Shirakawago
Trip to Takayama/Shirakawago
+ 1hour Stay in Gujo
Trip to Takayama/Shirakawago
+ 2hours Stay in Gujo
*1 Highway fees are included.
*2 Baggage fee is free.
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