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Farm tour of th colored carp

Beautiful colored carp have originated in Yamakoshi district (Nagaoka city) in Niigata prefecture. The farm of colored carp is a traditional industry at the district that is famous for the terraced rice field. We propose you a charter trip to visit the carp farm by the charterd taxi from Centrair airport.

Carpfarm and the terraces rice field
Carp farm
Alpaca Ranch Visitor Center of the carp farm is located in the same city of about 10 minutes by car from Yamakoshi district. You can see the breeding of various colored carp and also buy those.
Bullfighting The bullfighting of Yamakoshi is said that there are millenary history and has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset of the country.
(May - early November)
* The confirm of the date is necessary
Earthquake Ruins
Former "Yamakoshi village" was destroyed by the earthquake of magnitude 6.8 in 2004 and all of the habitants had to take refuge. Traces of the destroyed village is still there.
Alpaca Ranch
Alpaca Ranch After the earthquake disaster, alpacas were donated from an alpaca ranch in United States for the reconstruction of the village. Currently you can see more than 15 alpacas.
Estimated Price
One Way (Highway fee and tax included)
Between Chubu Centrair International Airport and Nagaoka city (Niigata pref.)
= 100,460 yen
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